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Get your personalized BuyChatPay Code.

Download BuyChat App, Buy Now Pay Later
  • Download BuyChat app on Google Play Store
  • Discover Products from Various Merchants on BuyChat ap
  • “Bookam down” with an initial 20% of the cost on BuyChat via USSD payment for the Merchant
  • Pay Installment payments using BuyChatPay USSD account tied to the merchant
  • Pick up or have item shipped to you after completion.

What is BuyChatPay ?

You Don’t have enough to make payment in full today? That’s where BuyChatPay comes in and allows you to still make your purchase with just a fraction upfront!

BuyChatPay allows you to purchase merchandise through a payment plan in which you reserve merchandise by placing a deposit and then making installment payments until the balance is paid in full.

Start shopping Now!

Are traditional shops offering BuyChatPay?

Yes, Many retailers and businesses in the biggest markets in your city are already signed up to BuyChatPay. Discover them when you download the BuyChat app on the Google Play store.

Can you finance my purchase so i can pick up immediately?

Yes , we can.!
Let us know what you are buying in your city and message us the transaction code we will take it up from there .

Will you charge me a fee if you finance my purchase

Yes, just a one time fee while you redeem your payment plan contract with us.

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