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Get the "yellow pages" app for Whatsapp Business accounts to Buy via Chat and Pay in your City.
Get BuyChatPay ,the alternative payment option that builds your credit for future purchases In-Store & on BuyChat ,the directory app for Whatsapp business accounts in your City.

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Avoid the unproductive Chatter!

Whatsapp Business accounts connect with over 2 billion whatsapp users globally
BuyChat app delivers an audience that is 50% more likely to buy or do business with you on whatsapp busines

WhatsApp Business
Main Features
City Shops

Chat & Order on your smart phone with your nearby and trusted shops.  Pay direct in Chat.  Receive goods at Door.

Last Minute Flights

Discover , Chat and Book local flights from your smartphone. Find available seats at the last minute on flights to your destination.


Discover vacation packages built exclusively for you in partnership with hotels on BuyChat app. Book daily deals from hotels in your city.Ask a host of questions directly from your intending host hotel. Reserve rooms at great prices, lock the price. Pay Small Small.


Find & Chat directly with your most trusted  brand and get a verified merchant location list . Chat customer Care  2.0 on the platform. BuyChat  users  get to identify and buy from brand’s nearest verified merchant  via chat and in-store.


Follow & Watch exclusive short videos of your favorite Celebrities. Get a chance to ask  your  favourite  celebrity  a question in chat. Chat directly with him/her. Buy tickets of their shows  and brand experiences.

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